Do These Three Things to Keep Your Enamel Strong

Because once you’ve lost it, it’s gone forever…

The surface enamel of our teeth is extremely valuable - as it has a job protecting the precious layers underneath. Composed mainly of the mineral “hydroxyapatite” (and amazingly stronger than bone), the surface enamel unfortunately isn’t indestructible against everything – with bacterial acids and acids from certain foods and beverages being the primary enemies. Enamel is also not immune to the damaging effects of harsh brushing, bruxing/teeth grinding, or any kind of wear that occurs over time under these circumstances.

So without further adieu, West Ajax Dental wants to share three ways that you can protect your valuable surface enamel:

1. Avoid foods or beverages that are high in sugars and acids when you can.

Because consuming sweets leads to bacterial acid production and then enamel breakdown/tooth decay, it’s ideal to avoid sweets and sugary drinks as often as possible. Even acidic foods and drinks, like citrus fruits, citrus juices and vinegar can take its toll on the hard surface layer. Luckily, when you do consume these things, you can reduce the harm done by swishing milk or water around in your mouth to bring down the acidity levels in the mouth.

2. Avoid abrasive habits such as teeth grinding and nail biting.

Unfortunately, teeth grinding (or bruxism/bruxing) at night is a relatively common condition that causes harm to the teeth when the sufferer neglects wearing a mouth guard for protection. Habits such as nail biting, or using the teeth as tools are other ways the enamel can be chipped, cracked or fractured – and in some cases, even a root canal treatment is in order when the damage goes too far. (Luckily, we have an Ajax endodontist on staff for when accidents like this happen)!

3. Use a brush with soft bristles to brush, and avoid aggressive brushing.

Using a soft bristled tooth brush or brush head and being sure to brush without force will also help to ensure the health of your tooth enamel. (And make sure you’re brushing twice a day for two full minutes each time – and flossing once a day)! If you need a “brush-up” on your tooth brushing technique, our friendly staff are always here to help.

So… will you be practicing these enamel-friendly habits? Maybe you already do… and in that case, keep up the great work!

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